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Beautybars by Sabrina

Cleanse Mi Kitty Yoni Bar

Cleanse Mi Kitty Yoni Bar

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This soap is made just for your Yoni! It aids in fighting odor, yeast, keeping Yoni fresh and healthy! Adding a blend of essential oils to help with inflammation and antibacterial properties. Gentle on the skin and blended with Yoni herbs that helps the Yoni stay tight and naturally balanced. 

** Never insert soap into the yoni! Only for external use ONLY**

External use only! Designs varies and have their own unique look! Request in the notes for a specific design per image or will randomly send anyone one! 

For any allergen, please patch test before use or see ingredients before purchase of items. 

Ingredients: size 4-6 oz

Glycerin, Goats milk, Shea butter, Peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, Yoni herbs blended with olive oil, a blend of scent oils and more!

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