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Better Loving Than He Yoni Oil

Better Loving Than He Yoni Oil

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Great  lubricant and moisturizer for your Yoni area. It helps heals and balance your natural wetness and antimicrobial oil. Can be used daily!!! Will help relieve itchiness, odor and inflammation. This oil will help prevent bacteria and yeast. This oil is great for soothing flair ups and break outs around the vagina. Great to relieve soreness from sex and help heal wound. Does feel a soothing/stem penetrating the vagina walls that works on tightening the vagina. Available in 2 sizes that are sample size to try or regular size!!

How to use:

gently rub hands together and massage around your vagina external area after bathing or shower. Never insert inside the vagina. A little goes a long way!

⚠️This Yoni oil has a cooling sensation that will make your Yoni feel soothing and refreshed! Not recommended if sensitive to minty sensation around the vagina areas. Very potent!!! Not to treat any infection as you must consult with your gynecologist for medical advice.

Ingredients: size 2 oz or sample size .25oz

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