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Organic Turmeric w/ Kojic & Organic Honey

Organic Turmeric w/ Kojic & Organic Honey

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Get glowing skin with this powerful combination of organic turmeric, Kojic acid, and organic honey. This blend will fade acne and dark spots over time, revealing a radiant complexion. Consistent use of this product will transform your skin into a natural glow. Try it now and see the difference for yourself.

Key Features:

- Organic turmeric for brightening

- Kojic acid for fading dark spots

- Organic honey for moisturizing

- Reveals radiant complexion

- Fades acne over time

If you're looking to achieve flawless looking radiant skin then look no further.

Apply sunscreen to protect skin from sun damage!

Ingredient: 3 oz

Triple butter, Aloe vera, organic turmeric, organic honey, Kojic acid, carrot oil, licorice root powder, vitamin E, lemon and orange essential oils.

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